Appointment Setting

Scheduling patients is one of the most common tasks performed by practices...and it can also have a huge impact on your success. Patient scheduling in itself may seem like a simple process, but efficient patient scheduling is very significant and impactful to your patients’ delivery of care and your ability to keep wait times to a minimum so patient satisfaction stays high and practice profitability stays consistent.

Make phone bookings easy  & Ensure glitch-free appointment execution with Our Healthcare call center agents.

Our Healthcare call center agents have visibility to all the patient and doctor data to make appointment setting easy. They can view the patient appointment history and doctors’ availability calendar to make sure that appointments can be booked, canceled or rescheduled easily. The doctors are notified automatically post-booking. Doctors and Care Managers have all the necessary information they need to ensure a hassle-free visit for the patients on the day of their appointment. They can be quickly registered and checked in, with necessary records pulled from the patient management system to ensure that care managers and doctors are aware of the case history (if available). Whenever a doctor’s schedule changes, or if an appointment is rescheduled from the hospital’s end, instantly notify the patients of the changes (via emails, text messages or a personal call from the care manager or call center). This is achieved by a seamless connect between scheduling app, communication platforms, and healthcare CRM. All of our agents are very careful about your schedules and calendars. This would help avoid double-bookings, ensure that bookings are done according to doctors’ availability, and reduce patient frustrations. Create healthcare workflows to handle recurring appointments & notify patients before each session. For instance, if a patient has appointments on 3 consecutive Fridays, the doctor’s calendar is blocked and the patients notified for each session. Especially helpful in managing recurring health checks.

We would love to tell you more about our Virtual Calling services that help optometrist reach out to the patients who missed their annual eye check up Or/& missed to use their insurance benefits for Exam, Frames & Contacts for the current year. Also we contact Pre-appointments & give reminders about their appointment times. We upfrontly send text about the available benefits to educate patients & motivate them to bring their eligible family members. Patients are sometimes hesitant to share Medical insurance info. with optometrist and provide only Vision Insurance but the caller calls the patient after the actual visit to understand their experience. This caller researches their Medical ins & collects any missed info required for clean processing & better reimbursement of claim. Caller also does an upfront calling to bring in more patients when practice provides the database of the past patients. This service has helped us improve patient flow by double.

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